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The Full Story

About Wisdom Shield

Wisdom Sheild came about after its founders Stepan and Jamile met while working on the same team to supply humanitarian/medical aid to Ukrainian medics.  While working together it became clear that there was a need to provide cybersecurity education and consultancy to small and medium size charities.  With a strong background in business management, education and cybersecurity they decided to create Wisdom Shield a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.

Stepan Skobenyuk

Stepan has a wealth of experience gained in the Maritime and Energy sectors where he acquired security experience before specialising in designing and delivering specialist educational training programmes across the stakeholder hierarchy. With a keen interest in security, Stepan went on to study cybersecurity.    Since 2022 he has been the country manager for a public trust in his native Ukraine, managing the deployment of several million pounds sterling of humanitarian and medical aid.

Jamile Siddiqui

Jamile is a qualified Diagnostic Radiographer who practised in the NHS and Private healthcare before working for the past two decades in international medical systems companies where he specialised in healthcare informatics, designing secure digital workflows for NHS Trusts and private hospitals. During this time he has worked protecting sensitive data both in the healthcare and corporate environment. He has experience as an educator up to and including Post-Grad University level and has been a regular speaker at national healthcare informatics conferences.  He has experience of managing information security and consulting on the safe use of artificial intelligence in these sectors. 

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